Took a few really bad photos of my sword. This Digital Mavica was Sony's top-of-the-line write-to-floppy camera 2 years ago!
I'll have to bum a better camera off someone and get some more decent shots.
Went to Choshuya in Ginza this morning and the very amicable Tomoriki Imazu put a second seppa (washer) on my sword for free! Now it's nice and tight and I'm ready for practice...but I think I overdid it last night because my right shoulder is pretty sore. Gotta take it easy today.
Ericka has put up some photos from my birthday party.
Successfully managed to keep all my fingers attached last night in iai as it was the first practice with my new sword. The tsuba has a bit of play in it so I'll probably stick another seppa (washer) between the tsuba and tsuka to tighten it up. The leather wrap feels really good and the menuki are pretty thick so it's a solid grip, and man that blade sings when the cut angle is good. I like it.
The weekend was a raging success.
Saturday night had my 30th birthday party at Lucky -- everyone was in fine form in traditional Japanese yukata. Photos coming soon.
Sunday we had a koushukai at the Nikon Sports Gym, and then in the afternoon the sword dealer had his wares spread out, and I found my sword. Ended up paying 528,000 yen (about US$5000). Still have to take photos, but here's the stats:
Made in August 2000 in Sasshu, Kagoshima Prefecture, by Morimoto Moriatsu.
2-shaku, 3-sun, 5-bu (71.3 cm) length, 1.6 cm sori (curve), 850 grams, one mekugi, black leather handle wrap over white same (stingray skin), mixed fittings (silver fuchi and kashira, iron/gold (?) menuki, iron tsuba, and a sweet black and red/brown speckled saya (scabbard) with same wrap below the koiguchi. Not a great description but I'll post some photos soon.
First practice with it tonight: goal is to not remove any fingers!