post shower

post shower
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daddy's day

Crappy weather for most of the weekend; rainy and humid. But the rain cleared up enough that could do some practice bike-riding. Ton is getting slightly better on her new Mighty Steed, and Mo is unstoppable (literally) on Ton's old / his new red training-wheel machine.
Rode all over the neighborhood, me running around trying to keep up with her and simultaneously keep him out of traffic.
Ended up having cupcakes for lunch, then I got to hit the barber shop for some much-needed shaving.
Mo finally crashed out in the stroller and Ton made me take her to the bookstore so that she could buy me a surprise father's day card. I had to promise not to tell, too.
Then she made me write on it "Happy Daddy's Day" and she wrote "To Papa" and signed it.
Of course, it's now the day after Father's Day and I am yet to actually receive the card...whenever I receive it will certainly be a surprise!