murphy's law

"Why haven't there been any bloggageness about Lee & Charity's wedding and this wonderful NY vacation?" you wonder. Blame Murphy. By some miracle Hiroko and I got upgrades for the flight out to NY, so after getting some grief from the Lounge Lady, we found Beck and were kicking it with free drinks and snacks. And my laptop died. Kevin called an IBM buddy who was on the original ThinkPad team, and we found out that a Bios 8611 error is a "pointing device" problem. Basically, the nipply pointer is broken, rendering my whole machine useless. So glad I dragged it all the way across the planet.
Anyway, when I get back I'll put up photos from Hiroko's digital camera, but the wedding was a raging success.
We also did some time in the city and hanging with the parentals. Shopping. Eating. Shopping. Eating. Watching tv. Shopping. Eating.