ochiairo murakami

IMG_0277.JPGCouple of hours on the Odoriko Express train and we were in Shizuoka. Local bus up into the hills and Ochiairo Murakami. The resort itself is a series of interconnected buildings, most of which are registered historical landmarks, as they have not changed since they were built at the turn of the century. The details are incredible; handmade window details, blown glass and metal lighting fixtures, old fashioned and stained glass windows,the overhanging awning -- giant continuous slabs of wood that angle down from the massive main hall ceiling -- all cut such that the single knot of wood on each piece lines up...really cool blend of early 20th century western and traditional Japanese architecture. Plus, the food was awesome and the private outdoor bath was huge!

ricebowl curry w/lotsa garlic

ricebowl curry w/lotsa garlic, originally uploaded by renfield.

digital cash

For the first time in history, the number of coins in circulation in Japan has decreased, due to the prolific use of digital money.
The future is Tokyo's yesterday.


Too much karaoke...sleepy...

let it be

let it be, originally uploaded by renfield.

bohemian rhapsody

bohemian rhapsody, originally uploaded by renfield.


unstoppable!, originally uploaded by renfield.


Hit the Fighting Fitness Dojo for the first time in forever. Punch combos, kicks, more kicks, and finished off with various sets of abs. Pain never smelled so sweaty. Yamamoto-san was also featured in a motorcycle magazine, which makes her Officially Cool.

sunday in honbu

Promotion exams, so I sat around for a while, sometimes watching, mostly hanging in the air-conditioned office doing slow aikido with Elvis.
Everyone passed, hurray! And then I grabbed a bokken and got sweaty real fast. And then, the rain. Mad, mad sheets of pouring rain, thunder & lightning. Nothing to do but wait it out. Square off 45 degrees to a mirror, stand perfectly still, then move. Raise, forward, cut. Raise, forward, cut. Repeat until the rain stops.

kev & z's wedding photos

I put the photos up on Ofoto, so if you want to order prints go ahead.