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kuroda jiichan

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sayonara jiichan

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grandpa kuroda

Hiroko's grandfather (dad's dad) passed away in his sleep last night.
We had just seen him and everyone a couple of weeks ago when we went home for the new year's holidays. We brought a box of taiyaki, the really good ones from Naniwaya, and he was happy to receive. I think he ate two. Even after his stroke, he would still putter about in the yard, trimming the immaculate garden leaf by leaf. I think he finally just got tired, when to bed, and didn't wake up.
Wake is on Thursday and cremation on Friday, so Hiroko and I will go home for a long weekend.


Big turnout for the dan-ranked training seminar -- over 60 people!
After that, went down to Machida again to have Hataya-sensei switch out the tsuba on my cutter. The tsuba I bought last time I was down there but that he forgot to switch out for me. Hataya-sensei is a great, kind, and talented man. But he has a memory like a sieve.
Met Florida at the shop and walked back to his newly built home. Had dinner and marvelled at the droopy-eared pair of sausages running rampantly back and forth across his floor. Cool house, too. Heated floors and central air-purification are sporty!