Much debauchery and silliness at karaoke. Getting a cab for the drunks to get home was pretty non-trivial though!

how many five-year olds?


Looking for xray tech schools?


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Adding to her repertoire of skills that includes opening and closing cabinets and drawers, unscrewing the tops off of jars, opening bottles of soap, shampoo, and lotion, pulling anything off of the shelves, table, desk, chair, couch, yanking magnets off of the fridge, and pulling wallets, blackberries, and anything else out of your bag, Tonchan is also now perfectly capable of taking every single card out of your wallet, purse, and/or organizer and spreading them all about the floor to her own great amusement.

And she can't even walk on her own yet.

stomach trouble

Felt pretty bad Sunday night, thinking it was the cake and all the stuff I ate on Sunday. Took Monday off and didn't eat. Figured I'd be ok so went to work this morning, felt alright and had lunch. Big mistake. Came home early to curl up into a fetal position and moan in pain. Thinking now I got some of that stomach flu going around. Fun...