and it begins. again.

I think we've seen this episode before. But no; it's new!

too much fun

Had too much fun yesterday; spent the day in Ginza. First resupplied the furikake stock and then walked all the way down to the original Mitsukoshi to check out the Okinawa Festival, which was mobbed but not nearly as crowded as the ochugen madness happening on the same floor. Damn some people take their summer traditional greeting gifts seriously!
Walked back to Ginza and stopped off at Azabu Tailor to pick up my suit pants (I now have pants that fit!) and order a black suit before heading back to the station to get on the bus and head home.
Ended up going to sushi for dinner in Roppongi Hills before heading back, and wouldn't you know it, the Mighty Mo wasn't sleeping much and had a lovely fever this morning with a nice cough, so I skipped my early Monday meeting and took Ton to school and P stayed home with Mo.
Sophia was back from China and came to school today. Ton was really happy to run into her on our way to school in the morning, so I guess it wasn't all bad.
At the gym during lunch I ran for an hour at 7.1 klicks and hour; I have decided I will increase the speed one tenth of a klick every week until I am running at 30 klicks an hour for a full 60 minutes, at which point I will quit my job and will  go kick ass at the Honolulu marathon or something sufficiently awesome.