cutting and cutting

Construction dudes were putting in the new windows so we could only use half the dojo, but it was enough. We cut. Alot. Niina-gosoke broke out the wakizashi (short sword) and man that thing is fun to cut with! Elvis was in terrible form -- massive sinus infection (but at least the stink of summer-ripe cutting targets didn't get to him -- but a good time was had by all.
After cutting we cleaned the dojo top to bottom and then chilled under the air conditioner with beverages and grapes.
Did I mention it was stupendously, unebarably hot? As in 30°C outside, easily 35°C inside. Where in the world has the typhoon season gone?

ginza chanel building

ginza chanel building, originally uploaded by renfield.

Izumo Daijo Ishibashi Masamitsu

Izumo Daijo Ishibashi Masamitsu, originally uploaded by renfield.

My new friend. 2.3.7 length, 1070 grams of pure Edo Period joy.
Went by Sakaguchi-san's shop to pick it up, after having new fittings and tsuka (handle) put on that are more to my liking.
Actually not as heavy as I remember, with a decent profile and a fair amount of meatiness. Will try it in class on Friday, and will probably try cutting with it on Saturday as well. Not too much fear of bending it unless I try something stunningly silly.
Will be a trick getting used to a sword with so little audible feedback. The lack of bohi ("fullers" as the grooves that run lengthwise along the sides of the blade are called in the West) means a lack of the distinctive ha-oto (whistle or woosh) that you get with a decent cut. The geometry of this blade means it displays enough air to make a slight noise, but nothing like the whining-two-year-old-wants-a-Barney-DVD-and-some-apple-juice-RIGHT-NOW that my previous blade makes.