blue & white

Mama and I strolled up to Blue & White and as luck would have it they were doing a small showing of cool sashiko AND the owner Amy Katoh was there. Mama's been trying to catch up with her for weeks, so it was good that they got to chat. We bought some cool stuff for mama to use in upcoming projects, and headed up to Roppongi Hills for lunch and more shopping.


Dude, what is up with this year? Working like a madman since day one. Leaving the office between 9 and 10 every night this week it seems. Big Boss in town next week, and with the 3-day weekend we had to get everything ready by Friday evening. It's better than being bored and under-utilized at work, I guess.
Nice to be appreciated, though I worry about the gap between my actual ability and the expectations folks have for me. Nothing better than an impossible challenge to keep one on one's toes!

father daughter

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She likes it, really. Especially when I don't shave.

jyuban date

Took Tonchan up to Jyuban for a wee date. We strollered up to the watch place next to Starbucks and I got the strap on my watch swapped, then we rolled down to Miri's and had a turkey sandwich before heading home. A bit windy, but we was all bundled up and warm, so no problems.