bay area

Landed. Checked in. Wireless. Email. Email. Email...Nap.
Burrito with Nolans.
Email. Email. Email.
Asia de Cuba dinner w/Ockners (2+1!)
Bart. Cal. Email. Bart. Burrito. Email. Email. Email. Sleep.
Breakfast. Email. Email. Email. CalTrain. Email. Email. Email. Stanford. Japanese homework. CalTrain. Email. Email. Email. Burrito. Sleep.

security theater

As I prepare to leave on my whirlwind traipse across the great expanse of the global, mainly the part called the USA, during which I will spend two hours getting to and through an airport only to fly in an airplane for half that time, I leave you with this most accurate assessment of the TSA in The Atlantic. I don't actually care all that much about the second amendment, or abortion rights, or the economy, or job security, taxes, education and science funding, the war in Iraq, Coal power, national highway budgets...but the TSA budget is SEVEN BILLION US DOLLARS and it is an utter, total, and complete waste of time and money. All of it. Every. Last. Cent.

acrobatics with P

acrobatics with P
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Tonchan practicing her ninja evasion and tumbling techniques.


North Carolina that is. 36 hours in-country, just enough time to eat shrimp and grits, Krispy Kreme, and brunch, attend Papa's wedding and reception at Duke Gardens, and fly home.