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Flowers and Nancy and booze in Shinjuku Gyoen on a perfect Saturday afternoon.
A couple more photos.


Finally getting over this cold. Still have a wee bit of a cough, but in general I don't feel like ass, which is an improvement.
Went to class for the first time in forever. Gosoke was in fine spirits and I took things slow. Worked through the basics, and then ran through all the kata a couple of times. Using my cutter for iai, and damn that's a beefy, heavy blade. Then again I'm totally out of practice, and besides that I suck, so it all balances out.

lunch-bifun & drugs

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Being sick all weekend, I missed Nancy's farewell party, but Hiroko managed to get some quality shots.

cell phone camera test

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Finally got myself a cold. Slept for 36 hours. Feeling slightly better.