tonchan walkabout

After zazen in the afternoon, I came home dropped The Tonchabeast into her Mighty Chariot and off we went on our standard walkabout. Went up the hill past the crashed rocketship and down to the Starbookstore, then up past the slide park and back home.
When we got back, I shot these two masterpieces that I have titled:




sausage in crust pizza

sausage in crust pizza
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13 years in Japan and I continue to be amazed: sausage-in-crust pizza, half crab/shrimp/mayo/corn/onions/broccoli, and half BBQ pork/mushrooms/mayo/corn/onions.



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100 days old, so we did the traditional pretend-to-eat ceremony. And then we really did eat!

Later in the day the weather cleared up a bit so Ton and I took a walk around the neighborhood; wandered up through Roppongi Hills and back down through Azabujyuban. Started to rain just as we passed Cravings, so we popped in for some tea until the rain stopped before heading home.