yeah, but it's a dry heat

Rode hiroko's bycicle to the dojo in the morning, but it was already 25°C and climbing. Trained for a bit and then after The King showed up we cruised down to Kudanshita for sandwhiches at Subway and some toy shopping at Sakuraya. The Scotland D bought out the place, loading up on gear for his students back home, and I bought the super lightweight hakama and keikogi for summer.
Hiroko was done with work so I came home, got my haircut, and cooked pasta for dinner.
Did I mention it was hot?

one too many in ginza

one too many in ginza, originally uploaded by renfield.

Had a lovely work out with D. from Scotland and ate too much greasy Chinese food afterwards, so decided to walk off a bit of it. Passed this gentleman on the way home and thanked my lucky stars I don't drink. What are the odds he still has his bag, wallet, and shoes when he wakes up? Could be worse; if this was Manhattan, he'd probably wake up naked and covered in spray paint. In New Jersey.


Barbara and Myron, originally uploaded by renfield.

And now, a moment of parental bliss.

ayu ramen

ayu ramen, originally uploaded by renfield.

Really, REALLY good ramen. Okinawan, the speciality being the full and complete ayu fish. Hint: eat the head first!


hata-chan, originally uploaded by renfield.

Hata-chan wore her purple yukata today, and it goes so well with her knife. She looks evil, don't she?

more kimonoage

IMG_2281.JPG, originally uploaded by renfield.

Went to Ichikawa to Aunt Mari's place and watched as Mari-san spent hours helping Hiroko figure out how to wear the kimono correctly. It's official: my job is to tie the obi (belt) as there is simply no way any normal human can do that behind her own back without having inhuman reversable elbows or something.
I threw on my lightest kimono and as the always styling couple that we are, we took the train back into Tokyo and walked home from Mita Station. And it was hot and humid and nasty.
Got home and I was totally inspired by how cool (at least 5°C cooler than upstairs) the basement was, so I went on a mad cleaning spree. I think I'll drag the futon down there and sleep in cool, air-conditionerless comfort for the rest of the summer!