saturday shopping

Met Kevin and Zareen at Aux Bacchanales in Harajuku for some French lunch; vegetable soup, pork fat on bread, and many many fries. Z. went to swim to so the three of us walked over to Oriental Bazaar, battled our way through the expat housewives paying too much for cheap Chinese rip-off dishware, and got some cool wedding giftage for Packy's wedding next week.
Tried to get some new chinos at the Gap, too, but everything is low-rise, tight-thigh, too-trendy and just damn silly-fittin'. Now I'm really losing my keen fashion sense; when I was in high school you could count on the Gap to have hella baggy everything, but now it's all low and tight and bell-bottom'd.
We met Z. again and hit Bic Camera so Kev could get a link taken out of his new Omega watch, and then we headed over to Kenbokke for dinner. Z. got the serious spicy stuff and was sweating up a storm, but exchanged smiles and nods with the owner chef, so it's got Official Indian Princess Approval.

friday focaccia

National holiday (first day of spring!) and Hiroko had a bunch of flour so we decided to make focaccia. Pretty easy, actually. Mix flour, water, olive oil, yeast and a dash of salt. Knead. Put in a bowl and stick it under the quilt on the electric carpet for an hour until it rises nicely. Knead again, then squish into a flattish shape, top with whatever, and bake in the oven for say 12 minutes or so. Successful toppings: sesame, basil, garlic, oregano and spices, sea salt. Failed toppings: dried tomatoes (turned into little black bits of charcoal after 12 minutes in the oven.)
We had some nice prosciutto and fresh ground parmesan cheese to top them off, as well as a spinach salad.
While shopping for the focaccia toppings and other stuff we went through Azabu Jyuban to grab some taiyaki 2 hour wait, as always, but being locals we got the system down. I could have sold the taiyaki we got for 1000 yen each to the poor tourists who figured they could roll up on a bus and grab a box to take home.
While waiting we grabbed some lunch at Miyagawa. Hadn't had unagi in forever, and I really grooved on the sixties decor.

the last dragon sequel

The Last Dragon, made in 1985, was the best combination of 80s pop and chop-suey Kung Fu ever!
Badass Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, pop star Vanity, and Bruce Leroy star in this ass-whuppin' disco-boppin' fantastiplex.
And now, we need your help to see that the sequel gets made! Show your support and sign the petition!


Tanaka-sensei didn't come to practice last night, and we had a large turnout, including Andrew who came up from the Navy base, so Kanai-san had me run everyone through the kata as she took the beginners. Still not very good at teaching, so I just tell everyone to be careful of all the things I always screw up. Came home and cooked up a kilo of pasta (lunch today as well!) to go with the grilled chicken that's been waiting for me to eat it, and watched the news with Hiroko as Bush gears up to save the free world and kill all the bad people.


Jorge and Corr took Emi out to play. I couldn't come, because they live in San Francisco and that's kind of far. I think she missed me, but had fun anyway: