company x-mas party

Me and Shino being festive:

In standard end-of-year fashion, the annual Morgan Stanley Year End Party was a drunken debauchery, held in the glorious Ebisu Westin Hotel Galaxy Room.
And was of course followed up by many a drink and salty chip at Inishmore.

myoclonic jerk

Thanks to Kevin for the clarification:

scary dreams?

What's up with that thing where you're sleeping just fine, and then all of a sudden your whole body jerks and you wake up all of a sudden? What the hell is that? I mean, I know it sometimes happens when you dream you're falling off a cliff and it happens just as you're about to hit...but what about when you're just sleeping and dreaming that you're, I dunno, baking apple pies or rowing a boat or something, and then *WHAM* you have the bodySpasm and you're awake and you wife is going "What? WHAT?!" and then you go "Nothing." and then she's all grumpy that you woke her up for nothing (like I guess it'd be better if your appendix was about to explode or something.)

even more photos

Finally put up the photos from Hiroko's camera:
Lee & Charity's wedding
Smith & Wollensky's

Had a kumitachi seminar this weekend: smacking each other with wooden swords. Damn that's fun! And I even motivated enough to wake up early on Sunday and go to Tamitsuji-sensei's practice. Came home to find a box of apple's from Hiroko's mom's apple tree, so I made some apple pies after we fed Masa.