earning my keep

Big day of getting things done. Woke up fairly early, inhaled a bowl of granola and soy milk (no I'm not some crunchy health freak, yes I am a lactard), and disconnected all the av equipment, moved the tv, antique chests, all the books, albums, CDs, and DVDs, and pulled out the shelves. Around 9am Suruga Isho arrived with my new custom TV stand and they constructed it and slotted it in place.
By noon it was done and we had everything put back and wired into place (and working).
In a word: fabulous.
But I had no time to appreciate it, as I had to jet out to zazen without lunch. Got back just before dinner time, hit the dry cleaners, unpacked the new trashbin and a million other packages that arrived and had dinner. Tonchan was feeling considerably better so was in more of a tolerant (and tolerable) mood.

not happy sick girl

not happy sick girl
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Someone has stolen my daughter and replaced her with a crying mass of snot-producing grumpiness. She doesn't really like it when mom isn't holding her, and even then she's not entirely happy. Can't blame her; using a cleverly engineered snot-sucking-tube I've personally removed about 4 kilos of nasal discharge from her head in the past few days (a process which she really does not appreciate as much as she should), and yet the flow seems unending, making it tough for her to breathe well. If I had that much gunk in my skull I'd cry all the time, too.

The good news is that when she's all grown up and we're doing the slide show at her wedding, we will have many, many embarrassing pictures of her as a wee child.

billy barew's

Met up with the old posse at Billy Barew's in Ebisu so for much needed mud slinging trash talk. The late night and smokey bar room atmosphere has done wonders for my cold. Not.
Tonchan continues to have endless snot dripping from her tiny little nose, but I guess the rule is as long as she doesn't have a fever, she's fine and bouncing all over the place!

Also, and totally unrelated, the intercom system in our apartment building seems to have died, and this week we have a number of deliveries arriving, so my cell keeps ringing with delivery guys in the lobby trying to get in touch with P in the apartment. Note to self: from now on put the apartment's home number not my cell phone as the delivery address contact.