leaky carpet!

leaky carpet!
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So as Tonchan gets better and better I get worse and worse...this sucks, because I actually haven't been sick in quite a while.
Last night I thought maybe it was just hayfever (some late summer plant called butakusa in Japanese) because my runny nose snot was clear, and according the Runny Nose Snot Matrix that means allergies.

Runny Nose Snot Matrix
Color of SnotDiagnosis
any other coloralien implant in brain has ruptured

But then I woke up this morning feeling the long-forgotten aching in my joints. Went to the tiny little drug store in the basement of the office, conveniently located between the restrooms and the Irish Pub, and got the 1050 yen "Fast Acting Cold Set" which consists of: two bottles of genki drinks and a handful of vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs. Actually I quite like the taste of the genki drinks and all morning I was wired so the stuff certainly works. (Probably the 25 mg of pure caffeine in there doesn't hurt either.)
My throat doesn't hurt anymore, but I'm still kinda achy and I think I'm starting to get a cough too.
Well at least this weekend I won't be doing much but sitting, literally.

mellow weekend

Just as well that Tonchan's sick, as it's been a hot and nasty weekend. Spent most of the time indoors with the disease monster. Actually, her fever was gone by Sunday, though now she may be getting the tell-tale red, non-itchy rash. Anyway she's been bouncing all over the apartment and generally in good spirits, though not not eating. We're not really trying to feed her too much until her stomach gets better. She doesn't need the food anyway; gets all her goods from breast milk.
She seemed much better so I ventured out this morning to Shibuya to check out suitcases and buy P a new digital camera. I am looking for a carry-on that I can use without checking in luggage. Figure I can wear one suit and pack the other, plus five shirts and the various fixings, laptop in my shoulder bag and carry that on, too.
Tumi's 20-inch carry-on is la bomba, but I think I might have to go for the extra 5cm and get the 22-inch. They both have a garment bag built into the top flap, but I fear that the 20-inch is too narrow for my suits. I'm guessing that on international business and US domestic first class I can get away with a slightly-too-large carry-on...then again every other business-travelling a**hole is thinking the same thing, eh.