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7.8 kilometers. That's how much I walked about with the Tonchabeastly today. Started in the morning going up to the robot slide park, then she took a nap in the stroller for a while and we had lunch at Miri's. After that joined P and hit Roppongi Hills before heading home.


black and white stones

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Spent the day goofing off with Tonchan in the park and taking photos. Tried some black and white with the trusty GRII. I think this one came out quite nice; good contrast, nice shadows, decent balance.
To be honest I can never remember what all the ISO, f/stop, shutterspeed, etc. settings do. Luckily I have set each one to be adjusted by a different knob on the camera, and I twiddle them all until the little indicator is right in the middle of the line that tells me it's ok to to hit the shutter button.
Dare I ask what the professional photographers in my family think?



wrap party

Headed over to Shibuya for lunch to taste the famous pan-fried yakisoba of Bairin. Was worth the wait, especially since I spent the whole time taking Tonchan up and down in the elevator. She really likes escalators and elevators.
Then we headed to the Yoshidas' place for some quality handmade food. Theme this time was "wrap" so we made tortillas and wanton skins and made a bunch of gyoza and a bunch of taco-ish things. Tonchan was in fine form bouncing all over the place and assaulting the shyly adorable Hana-chan.
Many photos here.


bairin yakisoba

bairin yakisoba
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