Birthday celebration started a bit early. It's The Big Boss' birthday on July 31, and we had a sales guy visiting from Hong Kong so went to dinner in Higashi Yama with sales and trading. Figuring The Big Boss and Posse would end up there, we went to Muse in Nishi Azabu (man eaterz night, always fun) and ended up not getting home until 3:30.
So on my birthday morning, just like on any other morning, at 6am Tonchan jabbed her fingers in my nose and shouted "PAPAPAPAPAPAPA!" to wake me up so that I could make her some cheese toast for breakfast.
Then I piled her into the stroller (with spray bottle of course) and we went to summer school.
Had a reasonably productive day at work prepping for London management updates, then sent the summer interns to get 50 chocolate croissants and 120 Krispy Kremes.
Popped over to the pub to say farewell to our soon-to-be new Sydney COO, and then checked out Indy Jones Crystal Skull late show...dude, aliens? Whatever.

spray bottle attack!

spray bottle attack!
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Lately the Tonchabeast's favorite accessory has been this lovely spray bottle, filled with water. With a devilish grin she tears around the house moistening everything in sight, particularly me. I think she especially likes the way I jump and flail like a monkey when she sprays me back as I eat breakfast.
She likes this spray bottle so much she carries it with her in the stroller on our way to school. On the train she cleverly eyes the salarymen and OLs standing around her, just waiting for the chance to blast them with a cool and refreshing spray of ice cold water...actually given this summer heat it would probably be a welcome refresher.