lawrys, originally uploaded by renfield.

fighting gloves!

fighting gloves!, originally uploaded by renfield.

Got me my very own pair o' fightin' gloves! Loads of fun to pound on a heavy bag in the dojo with these baddies. I even love the blue tinge left on my fingers after my sweat has sucked the glove dye to stain me.

solid gold shoe inserts

Because you need this. two and a half million yen for:
solid. gold. shoe. inserts.
And they only weight a kilo!

kohei sushi

kohei sushi, originally uploaded by renfield.

minami osawa

Had to cruise out to the boonies for our annual distaster recovery test. (Jenn and P went shopping.)
We have an alternate business site out in Minami Osawa, so we had to go out there and make sure all the PCs and apps and whatnot worked. Assuming there's an earthquake, we're supposed to go (walk?) out there and...keep working, I guess.
Afterwards Coach gave me a ride back (seeing as he lives across the street from me) and we got lunch at Miri's.