more body hacking, week 1

So this week I have been trying Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Body "Slow Carb" diet.
It's basically PCP with a couple of twists:
1) No white food (so no carby-carbs; bread, pasta, etc.) except cauliflower
2) Beans, protein, and veggies every meal
3) Weekly "indulgence" day
4) Don't drink calories

There are some other details, but it's basically the beans-not-carbs part that is "slow", as in the body processes bean-carbs slower that white carbs, meaning less blood-sugar spiking, less hunger between meals, etc.
The author dropped a ridiculous amount of weight in 4 weeks without exercising, and because I tweaked my ankle last week I haven't been running much either. But it's kinda boring and I want to get running in the mornings again, so next week I will start doing a few barefoot clicks every morning.
The diet says I need to eat breakfast as soon as I wake up, but I'd rather go for a quick run and do some zazen before the kids wake up.

Anyway I want to see if I can get a couple centimeters off the waistline; mission creep since PCP completed a year ago. Health check again in August and I want to see if I can beat my previous year's results!


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