yoshida party

yoshida party, originally uploaded by renfield.

Went to Yoshida's for a birthday-is-a-good-excuse-to-eat party. Spent most of the time playing with Marin:

At the station waiting for the train, there was a salaryman in a messed up black suit who sat down on the bench. Then lay down. Then fell onto the floor. Then somehow got back up onto the bench. by the time we got on our train he was lying on the bench again.

And then at Shibuya station we saw this fellow:
looks comfy

ginza nap

ginza nap, originally uploaded by renfield.

Snuck out of work early and headed down to the dojo. I ended up practicing noto (sheathing) for almost 2 hours. Details man, it's all about the details.

After practice it wasn't too terribly hot so I walked 45 minutes through Ginza down to Shinbashi station, and found this salaryman having a wee nap after what I assume to be a quite a few beverages with the boys. Ah, the reserved and conservative Japanese!

happy b-day & bye-bye ky!

happy b-day & bye-bye ky!, originally uploaded by renfield.

Yotsu's birthday and her last day in the office -- she's off to join her new husband in NY. Good luck KY!

my back hurts

I think I tweaked my lower back sitting all day on Saturday judging for the tournament, and of course I ignored the pain for the next few days, running around with the guys and training and not getting enough sleep and working and not really sitting zazen very well.
Now it hurts. I don't think I totally threw my back out or anything, but bending over is truly unpleasant, and sometimes if I move badly I imagine I know what it's like to have red-hot iron stuck into my body. I can't exactly figure out what kind of movement hurts. Lying down feels fine, walking is okay, but sometimes it's like the strain of supporting the weight of my legs is too much for my hips/lower back, and it just hurts.
I went to the dojo last night but thankfully it was closed -- don't think working out would have been a good idea.


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