happy new year

Fairly typical new year holidays so far: lots of eating, lots of watching DVDs:
Vanilla Sky - I liked it. That whole "it's all a dream" thing is played out sometimes too much, but I think this movie pulls it off. At least worth the rental price. And no I haven't seen the original, so get off my case.
Ghost World - reminded me so much of my friends in high school it was scary. Loved it.
Ame agaru - not another samurai flick, that's for sure. Nice guy ronin, real Mugairyu! I'm so proud. Beautifully shot, too.
Blade 2 - how can you NOT love it?! Why do the vampires always have the coolest weapons?

As for my new year's resolutions:
1 - Make sure Hiroko is happy.
2 - Get promoted.
#1 is a given, #2 refers both to work and to iaido, but probably more for iaido. (^^)