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A proper photo of the mu displayed in the tokonoma at home. All bow down to Boba Fett!

6 months

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Tonchan had some friends over to celebrate their collective 6 month birthdays. Actually it was more an excuse for moms to congratulate themselves on surviving, and for the dads to congratulate moms for surviving.

congrats salty

Salty took his Denshobu test this evening. I got to the dojo early and he was practicing cutting so I watched and gave him some pointers. I haven't cut in nearly nearly a year, but he's got a great sword -- light (only 950 grams) and well balanced-; perfect for both kata and cutting -- so I borrowed that and tried a few cuts. Managed to cut pretty well, especially since I haven't cut in so long.
For the test, he cut, did the 20 kata, and then we ran through 15 kumitachi. He's solid, and moves well, just got some issues with blade angle that he needs to clean up. And he needs to slow down sometimes; he gets too anxious at times. But he's good and will get better, and I'm glad to finally have someone in Denshobu now.
After the test we went Ninjin by Kanda station for some gnarly greasy Chinese food. Haven't had it in a couple years. Ah, sweet and sour pork, chili prawns, fried greasy, so gooey, so good. As expected, I didn't sleep very well because my stomach was gurgling all night...but it was worth it!