No surprise

Tonchan's mid year kindergarten progress report. "Areas in need of focus" ain't no surprise; my daughter needs to listen to instructions, use her time productively, and listen to others when in a group. Also needs to work on math and numbers.
Her reading and writing in both English and Japanese is coming along great for a bilingual five year old. She is creative, responsible, outspoken, and helpful.
But she definitely likes to be the boss, is easily distracted, and functions at her own pace.
She turns six soon, so I will be cutting her less and less slack; she needs to be able to function appropriately with others, specifically doing what teachers say, being more cooperative and less bossy, and getting things done when she has to do them.
It's all about taking responsibility, of which I expect her to take more and more as she gets older. Don't care if she isn't a math wizard, but she at least needs to understand how to be cooperative, participatory, and reasonably obedient. Don't want to turn her into an order-following droid, but the sooner she learns the world has a pecking order, and where she is in it, the better. Tough reality for a five year old? Nah, better than letting her live in a fantasy land where her every wish comes true and everyone does what she says. She has friends like that from preschool, who are having a really REALLY hard time adjusting to kindergarten, and it will only get worse in elementary school.
I prefer my daughter to learn the rules first and understand how to obey them. Only then will she truly learn when and how it is necessary and right to break them.

papa made lunch

papa made lunch
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