jiji and baba

jiji and baba
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Had lunch at Toyoda with the assorted grandparentals. P's parents were surprised as they weren't expecting the USA contingent. Masa had a wee too much drink and took a nice nap.

Afterwards we checked out the Mitsui Museum and had a 'bucks break before heading home and catching the start of the rain.


So methinks my daughter has a drinking problem. She got into the habit several months ago of drinking mouthwash. I don't mean playing with, or spilling, or sipping, I am talking great big gulps by the mouthful. She is particularly fond of Listerine Fresh Mint, and though she is incapable of removing the childproof cap herself, like the Quality Parents that we are, P and I often give her a capful or two whilst she's watching mommy get ready in the morning.
So yesterday P sends me one of The Best Emails A Parent Can Ever Get:
From: hiroko.kuroda
Sent: 05/22/2008 08:54 AM ZE9
To: Renfield Kuroda
Subject: mouth wash

She drunk it some this morning, and her face became red. I guess ethanol in it worked, so she’s pretty drunk. We have to hide it or stop using it, otherwise she’ll be alcoholic.
And that's pretty much all you need to know about the Kuroda Family.


After post-work bevvies at which we mainly told increasingly ludicrous stories about obnoxious industry veterans, I headed to Shibuya to do a right and proper bitch session with jorge. Of course we feasted on proper ramen whilst doing so.
I have now gone to Suzuran so many times in the past two weeks, all the guys working there know me and greet me as a regular. Perhaps it's time to eat less ramen...
After stuffing ourselves silly jorge needed his caffeine fix so we walked over to the 'bucks at the crossing and planted ourselves at the window seats second floor to people watch the amusing festivities of hachiko and whine about the corporate inane.

our dangerous stistical ignorance

The single most pernicious threat to liberty today is humanity's natural
tendency to misunderstand the statistics of rare events...[more]


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Uncle Jorge is in town this week for supersecret work things. Last night we had yakiniku dinner at Sankoen, and today we spent the day walking around Harajuku. We had gyoza lunch and sushi dinner and did a whole lotta walking in between.