My first official barefoot run: huge success methinks. Used my GPS watch and heart monitor, it was surprisingly easy. I guess I was inspired by reading Born To Run, and reasonably motivated. Got some strange looks as I ran through Roppongi Hills, though. I think I will do at least two barefoot runs a week, just to get my feet toughened up. It certainly helps to keep a smooth, flowing stride with no heel-striking. I have never run in regular sneakers, only Vivo Barefoots, so I don't actually know what it's like to jog with standard bad form, so I can't really compare. But as easy as running in the Barefoots is, running barefoot is even better. No knee stress, no joint shock, and when I am in the groove it's just a really easy and fluid cycle, head barely moving, shoulders and back relaxed, short and quick steps, heart beating about 110 bpm. I think if I keep this up I will have no problem doing a barefoot 10K in the summer and finishing in an hour.