stevie & eriko's wedding

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Happy marriage! More photos.


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London is a cool city. Similar to Tokyo with narrow roads and general city chaos (not like NYC's boring grid.) Nothing like Tokyo with old, old buildings and pubs and brick and double-decker buses and everyone is not English: Kiwi, South African, Romanian, Australian, German, Dutch, French...the hotel was cool and modern, in an old building of maddening design with the gym in the upper basement, down the carpeted, marble-lined staircase across from the wood-paneled pub.
I had me some fish & chips, some proper curry with kebab, Ribena, and some trendy Chinese food.
Grads were generally of higher quality, but also generally kind of boring and far too serious. Do all students these days desperate to work in The City or on The Street really spend years in college studying, with no binge drinking nor gratuitous hook-ups? Or maybe they figured that's not what impresses the recruiters. Sadly they're wrong. The first kid to stand up on the table with his shirt off whilst spitting 100 proof through a lit zippo and setting the curtains on fire gets the job.

new york

Recruiting. Company presentation. Horrid service at a trendy, over-priced hotel.
Dinner and too much late night music, silliness, and fun. Set the clocks back so got back to the hotel at 3:30 4:30.
Brunch with Pa. Barney's mens' store. Two killer suits.
Off to London.