big day 99

Tomorrow Tonchan turns 100 days old, so we will have the traditional okuizome, literally the "first eating". Obviously she won't be eating anything other than breast milk, but we will pretend to feed her as we dig into our special bento prepared by Hashimoto-san from Toyoda.
So today we left the house about 3 and headed over to Mitsukoshi where we did some shopping before picking up our bento.
Then we headed back to the Fighting Gym as today was the last practice. The gym will reopen next month in an as yet undecided location. The Power Puff Girls Posse were all there, and everyone made squealing noises and poked Tonchan a bunch.
And now back at home, Tonchan is having dinner after a long day out and about.

tonchan exciting

For those who are curious as to what 3-month old babies do, here you go.
She's either asleep, feeding, pooping, or wiggling about and making noise:

us citizen tonchan

us citizen tonchan
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Someone got herself a birth certificate and a passport. Though she'll probably want to get rid of them when she has to start paying US taxes. Doh!

bye-bye nick!

bye-bye nick!
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Slick Nick is off to Hong Kong, and LoveTrain will miss him.


that hurt

Had to skip teaching iai this week as we had a visitor from London and we took him out. Actually he was so jet-lagged he went home after his second gin tonic, but the rest of us were hungry so we went to Sankoen for some quality yakiniku and smack talk.

But I did finally manage to go to fighting for the first time in like 5 months. I got destroyed. After 100 pushups, 6 minutes of situps, and 200 back arches, we did an hour and a half of glove work and I am now in serious pain.


Whenever I need a videogame fix I head up the street to Conan the Gamebarian's house. Spent the afternoon jumping tall buildings in a single bound and shooting ugly rabbits with a toilet plunger gun. Quality.