the south will rise again

3 hour delay in Narita, 2 hour delay in Chicago. Finally got to the hotel in Raleigh at 1am. Up at 8am for traditional biscuits and gravy, grits and bacon breakfast. The whole gang was there: Jeff and Ericka with Lily, Will and Arisa with Big Riki, Lee and Charity, Jenn and Devon, Tony...
After Lily had a quick pee in the pool, we checked out the local farmer's market, tasted some peaches and honey and lemonade (lemons, sugar, water, cherries), picked up some vegan (?) cake, and got back for an afternoon nap before the wedding.
Hiroko was in fine form in her kimono, as were Lee and Charity in matching seersucker and of course Lee and Zareen in matching Traditional Native Dress (her native as in India, not his native as in overalls and a Nascar hat.) The food: samosas, curry, biscuits with country ham. The music: Kevin W. Beck's Worst Hits of the '80s.
The bar back at the Sheraton: devastated.
Finally made it to bed around 2am, up by 7am for breakfast, then Packy drove us to the airport for a puddle jump to LaGuardia.