(Note: if you don't have kids and/or don't want to read about my child's bowel movements, skip this post.)

So recently Tonchan's starting to get the concept. She often gets really pissy about putting on her diaper (then again I love running around the aparmtent naked, too...who doesn't?)
When she does her thing in the morning, I or P will sign for diaper change and point at her diaper and say "stinky" and she usually goes "" until she's totally done and ready to get changed. Then she points at her diaper and goes "stinky."

So this morning she pointed at me as I was going into the toilet and with a big smile screamed "STINKY! POOPING!"

Wife, what are you teaching my child?

money lending license training and exam

money lending license training and exam
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I will be here all day...

And I was. Seven hours of pure Money Lending joy. Good news: the last hour we were basically told the answer to every question on the exam. So if you were still awake (a tough call for some) then the test was easy. If I got more than one question wrong it's because the RedBull I chugged a couple hours ago was wearing off.