Got my yearly health check results: D.
I just finished 6WC and am in the best shape EVER!

Two problems with the blood and urine:
1) Elevated ALP (362 U/L) and Total Bilirubin (1.6 mg/dL)
2) Protein in the urine and elevated blood urea nitrogen (20.5 mg/dL)

So I might have blocked bile ducts (maybe gallstones), bone disease, liver disease, or I am on the verge of kidney failure...or maybe eating nothing but fruit, veggies, and protein, having 13% body fat and twice the  normal muscle mass has screwed up my blood and urine results.
Similar crappy results last year, too, right after PCP!

Luckily my step-mom is a nurse and will probably tell me something like eating six egg whites a day will definitely screw up the results.