Cutting all day in Honbu; morning session had seven people, and we split the floor with the Beginner's class, which was packed with 15. A little worried about space, but we went one at a time on our side, and the beginners spent most of the time learning how to sit, stand, and bow, so they didn't take up much room.
In the afternoon there were only four of us, and we each went through about 10 targets, plus all the cuttable bits left over from the morning. I cut better than usual, but from shear volume my arm got pretty sore.

tonchan @ 32 weeks

tonchan @ 32 weeks, originally uploaded by renfield.

Tonchan is doing well -- near 2 kilos, and has long legs (where'd those genes come from?) She's still breeched; face buried into the placenta like a nice pillow. If she doesn't flip head down in the next few weeks we'll have to figure out what to do -- might have to do a cesarian which P is understandably not looking forward to.

happy birthday p!

P's birthday, so first things first, I handed over her DS Lite and Brain Training games -- gotta keep her wits sharp now that she's not working in the office anymore!
She went to the newly opened all natural health food store and got some free bread, though she had to battle the grandmas for it.
In the afternoon Mihohoho came back from Boston for a week and needed someone to go with her to see Kabuki, so P went along and they did dinner in Shinbashi whilst I got pummel'd by the Fighting Girls. Wednesday seems to be my Day of Pain: 45 minutes of non-stop cardio, followed by muscle training (situps, pushups, etc.) and then finally pad/bag work for another hour.

2 months to go!

2 months to go!, originally uploaded by renfield.

Taking full advantage of the last of this 3-day weekend, P and I rearranged the funiture in the bedroom to make it more Ton-chan friendly, including the addition of the Ton-chan Sleep Recepticle., ginza

P and I got motivated to check out the Dali exhibit in Ueno, but I think everyone else in Tokyo had the same idea, given the 3-day weekend and perfect post-typhoon weather. It was mad packed, with a line that looped the park.
So we bagged it and walked up and down Ameyoko for a bit, then got back on the Yamanote and headed to Ginza. Much nicer to walk around there and it was fairly uncrowded.
Ultimately had lunch at TGIF's and then I headed to the dojo for some extra cutting with a few of the guys and gals.