shizan again

Had cutting practice for the first time months.
Got up reasonably early, got to the dojo by 9:30.
AM session we had three, so we took our time and everyone got about six targets. All beginners, and they did well.
After they all cut, I took requests and demonstrated a few kata. Did sha and sa and managed to cut just fine. Amazing how a good sword makes me look like I know what I'm doing.
Folks started showing up for the afternoon session, Presley and his visiting-from-America Tall Dad came by as I was busy cutting down some bamboo for a mekugi. Five folks for the PM session, including the father-daughter unit of the K family. Dad was doing ok but his 14 year-old daughter was thumping! By the end of the session she was nailing the cuts and had gained some confidence. Greatest thing is, because she doesn't have alot of physical strength, she just lines up the blade and swings true; nice and clean, no mess no fuss. If only everyone could cut so effortlessly!

sick hiroko

I have successfully done what all husbands are destined to do: I have completely recovered from my cold and transmitted it entirely to my lovely wife.
Hiroko has a sore throat and rumbling cough and has lost her voice. She took off work yesterday and still feels and sounds terrible today.
Such a loving husband am I, I even share my cold with her.
"In sickness and in health" indeed.

akiba in la machina

IMG_1446.JPG, originally uploaded by renfield.

The Eng came by in his brand new 430 Spider, so P jumped in for some hi-quality photo ops.
Then we tested the limits of Sunday Tokyo driving by hauling seriously quicktime to Akiba for some much needed geek shopping.
The Eng was immediately in his element as we browsed from hi to low; otaku heaven full of anime figures, high-end home stereo equipment, giant-screen plasma TVs, DVDs, and a coffee break in "Fairie Garden", a maid cafe on the roof of a building housing a role playing bookstore and a PC repair shop.
Finished the day with a tour of the massive Yodobashi Camera and sped through the rain home, the 'rari's small trunk full of goodies.