omotesando debut!

P wanted to get her haircut, since she hadn't cut it in over a year. It was a bright and beautiful morning so we loaded the Tonchabeast into her Mighty Chariot and bussed down to Shibuya, then walked up to Omotesando. Whilst P got her locks trimmed and styled, Ton and I checked out all the cool and happenin' trendiness that is Aoyama.
Afterwards we walked up to Crayon House for lunch at the organic cafe and the skies opened up with a squal o' fury. Rain dumped by the bucket so we checked out the books and stuff and then had some dessert. By then it had cleared up so we walked up through Omotesando and, being close to dinner time, stopped by Kua'aina for some Hawaiian burgers.

friday night

How come everything happens Friday, post-lunch, before a three-day weekend? Mad scramble to recruit and hire, fight fires, amend errors, avoid crises. Craziness. Love it!
Finally got out of the office about 9pm and hit Lucky's with Mr. ILS, where we enjoyed quality fried chicken, stir-fried garlic greens, and organic apple juice from the Nagano farm.

I have also now gotten in the habit of waking up a 6am every day, no matter what. Part of it is what my insomniac buddy told me. He said one strategy is to always wake up at the same time every day, and do not go to bed until you simply cannot stay awake. This will somehow force you to naturally get tired in time to sleep enough and wake up at the same time every day. I don't have insomnia (in fact, if I do zazen before bed, I am asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow) however I certainly do get enough sleep by sleeping early and rising early. Besides which Tonchan is already asleep by the time I get home, so I really only have time to hang out with her in the morning before I go to work.


This morning Tonchan woke up a bit hungry and crying. I promptly woke up, rolled over...and fell out of the bed. Our bed used to be in the corner, so I had two walls to keep me in place, and I just loved seeing how far into the corner I could jam myself by constantly turning over and over, knowing the wall would keep me in the bed. Now our bed is in the middle of the room, with only the head of the bed against the wall. Luckily we have carpeted floors, so I did minimal damage. Hell of a way to wake up though. Hiroko was up, in the middle of the bedroom, with a crying baby to one side and me on the floor to the other. Sorry!

tonchan various

I am bored with your silliness

Uncanny #1

Uncanny #2

Genetic predisposition to chew one's own fingers

Brooklyn in da house yo

Feed me! NOW!!

snack break

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Went with P and Tonchan to Shibuya for some shopping. We got various household necessities at Muji and Loft, had lunch at the tea and ricebowl place in Loft, and took a little diaper change break at the baby station in Seibu where I snacked on fresh, raw Tonchameat. Tonchan was in a fine mood, so we walked back to the bus stop...and then she started getting hungry and grumpy so we went up to the baby room in Tokyu above the station and she ate whilst I shopped for dinner groceries. Baby room in Tokyu was way, way too hot; I guess they didn't want the babies getting cold or something, but all the moms where practically passing out from the heat.