nishizoe & kusu wedding party

Went to a cool place, The Orbient, in Aoyama for Spike and Kusu-chan's wedding party. I was styling in my blue kimono with NYC bling-bling. Spike and his boys put on a great Water Boys show, and at then Kusu-chan changed into her naughty nurse outfit and Spike into his baby blue velour adidas track suit. Many photos taken. Many drinks drink'd.
Saw Chimi for the first time in forever. She's cranking up for the Honolulu Marathon and dancing like a Takefuji Girl. Been busting her butt at work for a couple months as she's got some big project about to go live. Don't think it's the Japanese Gold Box, but she promises it'll be something good so I have to spend lots money. She's really loving her job, which is sweet because working at Morgan Stanley was really bumming her out, and I'm glad she's found something she enjoys so much.
Mieko and Tomo are so cute together; they're finalists in the bakappuru(Baka Couple aka Pair of Loons) but have some strong competition from Will and Sachiko, and of course Spike and Kusu-chan.

spike and kusu-san wedding party

Went to The Orbient in Aoyama for Spike and Kusu-san's wedding party. Cool place and we enjoyed the Water Boys show and crazy video of how they met. I was styling in my kimono with NY bling-bling. Talked to Chimi whom I haven't seen in a while and she looked good and is loving her job. She's got some big project going live soon, so hopefully it'll be something I can spend more money on!
Took lots of crazy photos before walking back to Shibuya with Hiroko, then bussing home.

full house

Lots of folks showed up for practice at Iidabashi. Kiyokawa-kun ran the Waseda kids through kata, booming in his loud voice like only a young buck can. I focused mostly on Kawamoto-san, this being her first practice and the first time she used her new sword. Sekido-san and Nakayama-san did their thing, and I popped in on occassion to make a few points and try a few things. It was relaxed and noisy, with everyone doing their own thing at their own pace. Just the way I like it.

kill bill

Good review of Kill Bill. Will be seeing it this weekend.


Sekido-san brought in Niina-gosoke's previous sword and handed it over. Wow. It's a Muromachi era sword with a wicked sori. 950 grams of 400 year old steel, registered in Kumamoto Prefecture, and it feels much deeper and warmer than my modern-made cold, hard blade.
Tough to describe, but that old steel is just...warmer, like thick stew.
The hamon is sugu and notare, with very subtle hataraki; mostly chikei. The polish is a working iai polish, but I might have to drop some cash and get a really nice polish, because I'm sure there's alot more going on in there.

Tanaka-sensei was late to practice so I ran everyone through basics and started kata work. Then Niina-gosoke showed up to take some photos. Spent the rest of the regular class teaching a beginner, and the last hour Tanaka-sensei ran us through the last 10 kata. Damn but that blade feels good to swing. I can feel my techniques changing, and hopefully it will be for the better!
Niina-gosoke said Oka-san in Shiga-ken called and said the repairs and polish to my modern blade will be 50,000 yen -- cheap! So I'll probably send him my other blade, my cutter, to have it repolished and have a shirasaya made.

Note: see sword blade terminology and sword glossary for definitions of terms.

grand theft auto 3

Guess I'm a bit late getting GTA3, but it's finally available in Japan and as I have a Japanese PS2, I couldn't use the English release. Anyway this game is as great as everyone says. Never mind the random street interaction, the huge city, the tiny details like newspapers blowing across the street, etc. Just stealing a car and driving around listening to the radio is fun enough, never mind killing rival gang members and pimps. Hours of good clean family entertainment!