"explosions, overpowering...

...over the competition I am towering..."*
Not really. But when something blows up, things certainly get interesting. Not fun, but interesting.
(In Japanese that'd be tanoshikunai ga omoshiro.)

So on Wednesday, a hand grenade turned into a bunker buster and may end up being the trigger pop to a thermonuclear chain reaction.
Needless to say I did not join my coworkers last night to watch the Chiba Lotte Marines crush the Softbank Hawks from the comfort and privilege of the newly renovated stadium box seats.
I did however learn a whole lot about legal procedures, unsecured debt obligor precedence, and ISDA standards language.
Luckily P and the Tonchabeast are back at the Ibaraki farm homestead hanging chill for summer holiday obon.
I managed to get out of the office at a decent hour, given the weeks events and the fact that it's friday, so I treated myself to some rotator sushi before heading to my regular table at 'bucks for some late-night studying (this month's text is kashikingyomu shuninsha shikaku shiken: money lending business responsible person qualification exam).

* I don't do much karaoke, and even less in English, but when the stars align and I bust my rhyme, suckas go "oooh!" at my meaty groove.**

** Yeah OK that sucked.


I rarely see movies but recently I've been on a real bender. Here's what I've inhaled recently.

Indy Jones' Crystal Skull -- a fun romp, well done...but, dude, ALIENS?

Kung-fu Panda -- totally ninjabuttkicking excellent. Will be a favorite of Tonchan's as soon as she's old enough to sit still and watch for more than 7 minutes.

TMNT -- my fault for expecting it to be more than awesome CGI and a plot written for and by a 12 year-old.

Hancock -- a) Like Will Smith, b) LOVE Charlize Theron. A damn fine movie, thanks.

Forbidden Kingdom -- FINALLY Jet Li and Jackie Chan together, with mad wire-work crazy kung-fu ancient China and magic. The annoying white kid was more than outshin'd by my new favorite: OMFG BingBing Li. She is most. excellent. seriously.

Dark Knight -- Yup dark. Joker: excellent. Batman: excellent. Two-Face: excellent. Believe the hype; a blockbuster movie actually worth all the great things said about it.

Oh yeah, did I mention how awesome is BingBing Li?


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Aftera bit of a walkabout in the heat, we stopped for a cool and refreshing gelato. I shared my lemon - mint chip with the Tonchalizer. She definitely enjoyed it.


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Mad fun toys spread out at Roppongi Hills! Check out this amazing water track with boats and pumps and waterlocks and paddles...hours of fun splashing and driving boats around.