bbq!, originally uploaded by renfield.

Akee came over and we fired up the Weber to cook some meats. Ah, BBQ! Please note the amount of food and the number of people. Yes, we made way too much. But meat is good. We also had corn and potatoes from the homestead farm.

aki's stiches

aki's stiches, originally uploaded by renfield.

boy or girl?

boy or girl?, originally uploaded by renfield.

Today P got the serious ultrasound, and the general consensus is: GIRL!

cuttin' w/salty

Only Hata-chan and Kara-chan showed up for class today, so we spent a goodly amount of time on the basics and breaking down several kata. Near the end of class Salty-kun showed up and had some targets soaked, so we did some cutting. He's really nervous about the cutting demo for the tournament, so he was stressing. Besides which, the targets he had were barely soaked and rock hard, so we both cut quite badly. Finally I pulled out some properly soaked targets and we both cut fine, so hopefully his stress levels have come down a bit.

ren a la south park

ren a la south park, originally uploaded by renfield.

Who's yer daddy?

mom & p on the bus

mom & p on the bus, originally uploaded by renfield.

Mom spent the night at our place, and then we went up to Ginza for some shopping. Hiroko got some more maternity clothes, and we looked at overpriced Norwegian cribs and decided we really just need to take a trip to Babies r us.