bbq chicken

Jeff and Ericka's. BBQ. Intelligent Meat Fork. BASEketball.


Got me a haircut. Nozawa-san over at UR is a madman. So much fun going there I forget that it costs 6000 yen.
Hiroko and I grabbed some dinner at the Thai noodle place that used to be a South Western hotdog diner.

it all depends...

From my dad:
"So five weeks ago, during the week between academic quarters, I gave a general lecture to a number of professors and graduate students who had not yet taken my core course. I did my usual business "shtick" [I was told I was quite impressive]. I asked a lot of questions about current events and asked for responses "from a business perspective" (e.g., What will be the effect on the economy of a war in IRAQ?). Of course, the answer to most questions was, "It all depends."

So two weeks later was the first night of class in the Spring Quarter and these same graduate students came to my classroom ALL WEARING THE SAME TEE SHIRT... emblazoned with the words, "It all depends..." - Myron Feinstein, on any topic."

sunday slicing

By some miracle I managed to get up early and head to Minami Hatogaya for iai. After a warmup with everyone, I got a half the room, a stand, and six rolls, while everyone else did forms.
Had 2 successful cuts, some close calls, acouple of stunning failures, and as my shoulder got tired I got more sloppy until Naganuma-sensei told me to take a break and stop stressing. Took 15 minutes, cleaned up a bit, oiled up my sword, and finished off the leftover bits. I think I'll be ok for Kyoto, as long as I don't totally stress out in front of everyone. Of course tomorrow at practice there is no chance I'll be able to do forms worth a damn, but that's the price I pay for cutting.
Came home at noon and the kitchen was ablaze; burrito fixings, white stew (with soy milk; damn creamy and kind of a corn flavour!), boiled spinach...looks like it's a week of eating well!