hi jen!

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Jen's in town for a few days, hanging with the ladies and taking care of bidness.

farewell chahan

Chahan ended his 6-month run in Tokyo and is back home to London after a brief stopover in South America for some much needed beach time.
We started the evening with proper pub munchies at Finn McCools, and then ended up walking over to Nishi Azabu for Kenbokeh because Video-D and the Knitter needed some right proper curry action.
Got home about 1ish; a smallish night out.

punching = sore legs

Not sure if this means I'm doing it right or wrong, but after an hour of 3 minute rounds consisting entirely of punch and recover combos against a heavy bag and pads...my left thigh is really, really sore...?

sick P

There is some gnarly stomach norovirus going around that seems to be The Sickness this winter. I had it a month ago (lost 4 kilos and still keeping it off!), Tonchan had a bit of a tummy ache last week and now P got slammed. She stayed home from work so I took Tonchan to school in the morning and then after lunch picked her up and took her home, then came home from work as quickly as I could to take of Ton with P in bed sick.
When I dropped of Ton in the morning she cried when the teacher took her out of my arms...and when I picked her up to go home in the afternoon she cried when I took her out of the teacher's arms! Make up your mind, kid!

Tonchan @ school
(In case you're wondering Tonchan is the Asian-looking kid on the right, not the blonde dude with monkey.)

iai weekend

Three day weekend (Coming of Age Day on Monday) so did bunches of iai.
On Sunday we had the official First Practice of the Year. Upwards of 200 members showed up and Gosoke had me run the advanced group. We cranked through a few kata in excruciating detail, comparing how certain bits and bobs are the same no matter what direction you move nor what kata you do.
After practice we trundled down the street in the freezing wind and took over the back half of a local izakaya for several hours. We commandeered a bunch of tables and ate and drank for a while, getting progressively more silly.
The next day started early; got to Honbu before 9am, grabbed my gear, and walked down the street to help load the van for the cutting session. We drove down the street to the gym and unloaded, got set up and started about 10am. Most folks cut okay (only doing half targets though) and I did a couple decent cuts on full targets. Still way rusty -- need to get training more!
In the afternoon we headed back to Honbu for Kagamibiraki; the opening of the mochi. Basically an excuse to eat lots of rice paste and other stuff, drink a bunch, and be generally silly again.
P and Tonchan came by and of course got all the attention, leaving P a chance to eat for a couple hours.