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Did some cutting in the basement with Elvis. Lots of silliness, and at least one decent yokoichimonji.
Check out the slide show, or even watch the video.

After cutting Miri fed us at Cravings, then Elvis went to work and Hiroko and I went up to the local kimono place, bought a killer obi for her, and dropped off my kimono for some much needed fixin'.

breakfast of champions

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keith married!

keith married!, originally uploaded by renfield.

Congrats to the baddest zen buddhist priest in Chicago, shown here completing the bonds of matrimony in Poland.


We had our second and final dinner for all the summer interns at Zest. We took the whole top floor/roof with the nice outdoor open courtyard. Food is perfectly respectable, and the place is cheap. Summer interns seemed impressed enough; I think we've spent more money on summer intern functions (we invite all interns from all the foreign financial firms in Tokyo) than any other bank, and have good officer turnout. We had most of the executive management committee eating onion rings and chatting up the kids. After I wow'd the youngin's with my "What kind of container are you?" speech, I took a leisurely walk home through the soup that is Tokyo's summer night air. Shortly thereafter Hiroko came back from practice sore and tired. Naturally, I abused her because she was so sore she couldn't lift her arms enough to take off her own t-shirt, but unfortunately I discovered that she did in fact have enough energy left to punch me repeatedly.


Thanks Hilary, but you need a clue.

sora mimi

There is something so completely wrong with this. Especially if you understand Japanese, and know 2 Chaneru. And if not...well it's still just insanely amusing.

birthday socks from parentals!

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Birthday socks! Kinda long. And kinda green. But they sure are sporty!

mama with showgirl

mama with showgirl, originally uploaded by renfield.

Mama went to Vegas for the annual General Federation of Women's Clubs meeting.
Here she is with a showgirl (mama's on the left.)