1 month checkup

1 month checkup
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Went with Tonchan and P for a checkup. Tonchan is doing well -- gaining lots of weight and her neck is getting strong. Oh yeah, she's also damn cute, thank you.

tonchan hatsumode

Hatsumode = "first shrine visit of the year"
We bundled her up:

Stuffed her in the sling:
(where she promptly fell asleep)

And headed to Hikawa Shrine:


I guess I'm supposed to write something looking back at all the things that happened in 2006, maybe even provide some links back to my favorite or significant posts; you know, like grandpa Kuroda dying and Daisuke, Maya, and Tonchan being born. Friends arriving and friends leaving, eating good food and staying at cool places...
Then again I can also remark that I lost 2 kilos, shrank a quarter centimeter, and shaved my head regularly.
So what's in store for 2007? More sitting (I hope), less training (I suspect), more diapers (I am sure.)