Inoue sensei

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cell phone geek

I really, REALLY wanted the new Sony Ericsson phone. Since it was a holiday (first day of spring) I went down to the cell phone shop less than an hour after they opened. Sold out. So I walked across the street to the big Bic Camera electronics store on the corner. Sold out. So I went to the other Bic Camera on the other side of Shibuya Station. They had a line outside and were handing out claim tickets. No more tickets, no more phones. I got in line, got my ticket, and waited. Me and all the other uberdorks who simply HAD to have the new phone on day one.
Took about an hour to get the new phone, but then since it's just a resell shop I had to give up my current phone and they said it would take about two hours to transfer over my number to the new handset (doing this at the DoCoMo shop is instant.)
So I went back home, grabbed some lunch with Hiroko, and then we took a wee walk about since the weather was so nice. Hit the GAP and Hiroko got a belt and some pants, I picked up my phone, Hiroko got a sweet antique obi for cheap, and then we wandered the back streets of Aoyama for a bit before cruising back down to Nishi Azabu and bussing home.
Watched a couple episodes of 24 and I was happy to see Kimmy was, though not dead, no longer on the show. Chloe is still a spirited beotch, too. Love that girl! And Jack got to shoot a terrorist in the leg for no reason other than there was only five minutes left in the episode and Jack hadn't shot anybody yet. Quality television.

shijuku (49)

shijuku (49), originally uploaded by renfield.

The seventh period of seven days after death is when the spirit finally achieves total enlightenment and ascends permanently to heaven. Thus, the celebration of shijuku (literally "49") is supposed to be a happy time; the time to truly say good-bye to the dead and a reminder of the joy that is with the living.