my muji bag

my muji bag, originally uploaded by renfield.

Went to the Bystedt's to get some kid and mom stuff before they move to Australia at the end of the month. Scored a stroller and some maternity clothes for Hiroko.
Barely made it in time for zazen, and then met Hiroko at the big Muji in Yurakucho to buy more maternity clothes and stuff. We spent enough money that I got a free bag, which as you can see I designed with my best Japlish.

turkey burger

turkey burger, originally uploaded by renfield.

jenn & zach

jenn & zach, originally uploaded by renfield.

Jenn's in town once again, slummin' at the Hotel Kuroda. We met Zach and got some yummy almost-entirely veggie dinner at a cool soba place in Hiroo, right across the street from Aiiku Byoin, the hospital where in about 6 months Hiroko will give birth to Ton-chan: Ultimate Warrior.
(I have decided that until we figure out if the kid's a boy or a girl, I will refer to my child as Ton-chan: Ultimate Warrior. Got a nice ring to it, no?)