genghis kahn in shinbashi

genghis kahn in shinbashi, originally uploaded by renfield.

Ah, the joy that is grilled lamb. Went to Shinbashi to check out an authentic Genghis Kahn BBQ. Not quite as good as Hokkaido, but damn fine. Excellent meat, plenty of stinky smokiness, and real charcoal.

driving in tsukiji

driving in tsukiji, originally uploaded by renfield.

Anyone know what these things are called? They're all over Tsukiji. And I think they're deisel.


tsukiji, originally uploaded by renfield.

Got up not too early and headed down to the Tsukiji Fish Market to buy...t-shirts.

lucky mama

lucky mama, originally uploaded by renfield.

Hungry after practice so I got off the bus early and walked down to Lucky. Mama was there with a bunch of her friends, and they were all welll on their way to drunkedness, so I joined their table and stuffed myself silly. I am not just a regular, I am somewhat of a legend ever since I translated their menu into English, so everyone there already knew all about me. Kind of spooky, but the Taiwanese garlic noodles were great, so no complaints.


Japanese Sushi: The Documentary.
Brilliant. The dudes who made this are a comedy team call Ramenz. They are brilliant.

danger:do not upset kiev girls

danger:do not upset kiev girls, originally uploaded by renfield.

See the pained expression on my face? I was physically and psychologically violated by a woman from Kiev in a Sketchy Place on a side street in the bowels that are Roppongi.
There are two possible reaons why she abused me in Russian and slobbered a big glitterly lipstick stain on the collar of my favorite blue shirt:
1) She really, really liked me and took offense when she discoverd that I was married and the feeling was not mutual.
2) She was upset that she wouldn't be making a few last extra yen before 4am closing because I turned down her offer to show me her various body piercings in the privacy of the back room.

Moral of the story: if you must go to a Sketchy Place, bring someone who speaks Russian. Or even better skip the Sketchy Place and go straight for the late-night/early morning ramen. Even if the waitress abuses me, at least I get to eat.


karaoke, originally uploaded by renfield.

KY and OK doing the Pink Lady medley at Voice.

simon's finger

simon's finger, originally uploaded by renfield.

During dinner at Daidaiya, Simon demonstrated his dexterity.

keys found

As expected, left at the dojo. Seems I put my stuff away, locked my locker, and left the keys sticking out of the lock.


Please let me have forgotten my keys at the dojo. The alternative is that I lost them.
There is a very good reason why, ever since I have had my own keys, that I have kept them on a long chain attached to my person. Why did I take them off the chain to open my locker at Honbu Dojo? One of the great mysteries...


garlic!, originally uploaded by renfield.


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Jeremy in town for a couple days, so we did that wander-about-tokyo thing, checked out Oriental Bazaar and got a deal on some antique kimono for me and hiroko, and of course had the traditional Nathan's hotdog lunch.
Finished off with bevvies at Tokyo American Club -- thanks Jeremy!