Finally got to the dojo and managed to train a bit. Did some iai for a few minutes and then Gosoke told us start kumitachi. Four of us, self included, so I paired up with Salty and got to work. One of the kata was surikomi, which involves sliding your sword down the enemy's blade so that he basically cuts his own right foot because his sword is driven back and down and pinned by your own. The trick is to not use strength, but to wrap up his sword with yours. It's more of a twisting thing. Really hard to explain, even harder to do. I've always been terrible at it, but as I was helping Gosoke teach, I dropped all three of their blades into their own foot, but none of them could make mine move at all. I smiled to myself, not amused by my own ability but remembering years ago when I was in their place and Gosoke kept slamming my sword into my own foot so many times I could barely walk. Ah, memories and progress. I still can't do it near as dangerously as Gosoke can, but at least I can assure these guys that if they practice for a few more years, they may get it a little bit.

After practice I went by Miri's for a burger for the first time in forever and there was JB and the girlfriend. Well I introduced him to the place, so I had every right to crash their date. Seriously though, a lovely girl...far too good for JB!

eye of tonchan

eye of tonchan, originally uploaded by renfield.

AKA The Kicking Beastly. P has now experienced pregnancy quite enough, thank you. She prefers to move on to the motherhood part. ASAP.
Tonchan seems content to get bigger and more ornery, kicking and wiggling like a coyote on a leash. She's now just over 2500 grams -- right on schedule. Doesn't look like she'll be coming out particularly early, but you never know.

all u can eat dim sum

all u can eat dim sum, originally uploaded by renfield.

Brilliant weather (where is the winter?) so P and I took a wee walkabout the neighborhood. Walked up Sakuradadori to Azabujyuban, then walked up to Roppongi Hills, which was surprising empty for a Sunday. I guess it's not cool anymore? They had a display of BMW stuff -- motorcycles and cars, and a couple of fake F1 racecars with a big plasma screen in front of it with which you could try your hand at racing. I went for the yachting simulator: spin the big wheel to catch the wind, and sail around the buoy. Fun for about 5 minutes.
We went inside and checked out the not-so-cool wares on sale, then got hungry and had some all-you-can-eat dim sum. Now that was a quality feedin'! Never get between a pregnant woman and her shoronpo!