all u can eat dim sum

all u can eat dim sum, originally uploaded by renfield.

Brilliant weather (where is the winter?) so P and I took a wee walkabout the neighborhood. Walked up Sakuradadori to Azabujyuban, then walked up to Roppongi Hills, which was surprising empty for a Sunday. I guess it's not cool anymore? They had a display of BMW stuff -- motorcycles and cars, and a couple of fake F1 racecars with a big plasma screen in front of it with which you could try your hand at racing. I went for the yachting simulator: spin the big wheel to catch the wind, and sail around the buoy. Fun for about 5 minutes.
We went inside and checked out the not-so-cool wares on sale, then got hungry and had some all-you-can-eat dim sum. Now that was a quality feedin'! Never get between a pregnant woman and her shoronpo!

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