You'll notice some broken links on the right, specifically anything that was hosted at twics. I've had my twics account since I first came to Japan 10 years ago, and they've been through several buyouts, until finally being subsumed into the monolith that is inter.net. I assumed all my web stuff would be moved over automatically, but obviously that's not the case...where o' where have my web files gone...?

minor problems

Some blogger problems recently, sorry about that folks.
And yes, it is a fine and sunny day, and here sit I in the office. Joy.

pop goes the shoulder

For some reason everyone showed up to practice: Naganuma-sensei, Yasuda-san, Sano-sensei, Orita-san, even Niina-gosoke!
Gosoke changed clothes, pulled out his sword, and practiced by himself for a while as Naganuma-sensei drilled us through some kata and got my brain all twisted trying to figure out how to make my cuts faster and yet not try too hard.
When the 2 hour practice was over and everyone was packing up to leave, Gosoke bellowed "Ren, NOW practice starts!" and with a smile sat down in a chair in the middle of the room. For another hour he had me and Orita-san and Hoshina-san do shin, the first form. "Stop cutting what's in front of you; cut bigger, cut farther, reach, extend! Ren, you've been cutting what's right before your eyes too much ! Cut through the wall on the other side of the room!"
Now my shoulder is killing me, but at least I'm more confused!


We drove a few minutes to the Kyubutokuden (Traditional Martial Arts Hall)

on the west side of Heian Jingu and got set up. After various opening speeches and some other demos, we were up. The whole thing was over pretty quickly; I cut jinrai, Tanaka-sensei did jinrai and yu, and Naganuma-sensei did a couple of double roll cuts and ended with shofu.
In the afternoon the driving group left, I and Ohtsuka-san and Kiyokawa-kun had lunch with Kiyokawa's parents, and then the three of us got back on the bullet train and were in Tokyo by 5:30.


The Nozomi 700 series Super Express Bullet Train: Tokyo to Kyoto in 2.5 hours. Smooth, quite ride. Reclining seats. Cup holder.
Got to Kyoto about 3 in the afternoon, checked into the hotel, and immediately got lost in Kyoto. Finally found my way back to the hotel and hooked up with everyone who had driven in. We had dinner at some place along the river, then back to the hotel and to bed early.