spoonerisms and break-dancing

I do love me a good spoonerism. The best of course is "keys and parrots".
But I just came up with a good one: "batch my scrawls".
And of course who can forget the timeless "hoot to the bed".

I have of course always wondered if there should be separate words for spoonerisms that do and do not maintain spelling. For example "shot in the dark" maintains its spelling when becoming "dot in the shark" but "peas and carrots" does not...

And now for something completely different:
last night I had a dream that Okamura (the smaller half of the comedy duo 99) was teaching me how to break dance.
Which actually isn't so strange, because he is in fact quite good.

saturday afternoon

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Awesome spring weather so we went out! Walked down to Hiroo to have a healthy lunch at J's, then walked up through Nishiazabu to Midtown and played around. Tonchan was loving the slide and wandering all over the grass. We recharged with some eats and then walked home, the Tonchasaurus finally falling asleep in the stroller just as we were getting home.
And apparently she has inherited my hay fever because her nose has been running all day; hay fever is supposed to be REALLY bad this spring!


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Ji and Ba came over for dinner, and Masa stopped by to use the shower (water heater in her place is broken) so we had a nice family dinner and Tonchan loved being the center of attention!


It's official: Tonchan is afflicted with the pox!
No fever though, and seems to be in a fine mood. She's just got red bumps all over her. So she gets a week or so off.

new suit

new suit
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So I ordered a custom tailored suit from Takashimyaya department store in Shinjuku. First I chose Carlo Barbera wool because it's light and soft and looks wikked. Suit was hand made by Guild Hall; a couple of styling old Japanese guys who mainly make British and French style suits (the way the Japanese tend to like suits.)

I picked the gaudiest lining I could find, and of course opted for the real horn buttons because why the hell not.

Came out rather nice, actually.