ball fun

ball fun
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Tonchan has proceeded from stumbling about unbalance to running, kicking, throwing, and causing general mayhem. She doesn't stay still for more than 5 seconds, even when she's asleep.
Except when she's watching tv!

girlie hair

girlie hair
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ruths chris lunch

ruths chris lunch
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Island Mama took me to lunch. She had the cheese steak sammy, I had the steak and 'sparagus salad. With fries.


Head is stuffy and throat hurts. P has a cough. Tonchan's pink eye seems to have cleared up. Like everything in life, there is balance; one week in Hawaii vs. sick family upon return to reality!


Spent a week in Hawaii, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
Hawaii does not suck:
Bought matching aloha clothing.
Went to Haruka & Todd's wedding in Waimea near the North Shore.
Checked out the farmers' market at Kapiolani Community College.
Did some rakugaki with a pen.
Played with Sana and Nanako and Yokkun.
Went shopping at Ala Moana and had lunch at Panda Express and Mariposa.
Ate at the diner a bunch of times.
Took a surfing lesson.
Consumed massive amounts of chocolate fudge brownies.
Chilled at the beach and the pool.
Hung out with a penguin.
Had dinner at Cafe Miro.
Upgraded to first class on the way home.
And caught a cold.